Monday, May 3, 2010


Hi long time since i been here!!! so how are all my friends in blog laNd? as soon as i can will post new pics. all for now

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This is my neice Dakota in the pool she loves it!!!
Jasmine a RedClaws Dancer Nba team in maine!! with amaya and connor
My claudia quilt shoppe mystery!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Baby Neveah visits Nana

This is Sam and his mom Heather, (never see him looking so good)
Sam had a concert with all district band tonight it was pretty good.

first this is Olivia being a clown. her Birthday was this week, shes say's I be 2 now!!! and she has a new name Princess Lou Lou!!!

This is Neveah at 19 days old!!! and her first sleepover at nana's!!!

she always seems to be looking off instead of at camera!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Neveah Mary Elizabeth

Hi well the ninth gradchild has arrived!!!

This me and Tatianna, Neveah(in my arms) savanna and trista in the back 3 proud big sisters, they also have 1 brother Neveahs' half brother and the other girls step brother.
Neveah under a day old

And Boots the new kitten!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!!

HI to start this off, my birthday is this month and I will be turning the big 50!! I tell my granddaughter that i am 29 but that does not work anymore. Her dad is 30. My kids gave me a surprize party on sat. thank u kids!!!

This is Sam acting like a clown !! him and his mom did not make the family pics, cause it was my kids, sam and his mom are adopted family.
Here is my Cake!!! it was a Strawberry cake was great!!!

My kids gave me pics for my birthday here are the kids (minus sam and new baby cause she is not here yet) Top row is Tatianna 5, Trista 6, Seth 4, second row is Olivia 1 3/4 (2 in May) Amaya 8, Connor 5, and in front is Savanna 2 1/2.

Here is the whole gang Little kids already named, 1st Big person is Jasmine 22, then Tiffany 20,future DIL(with Neveah in her Belly) Heath 28 is in back, Seth 30, and Rhi 26 (i think)Seth's wife.

This is me with a candle, I had larengitis so did not put candles on the cake!!
Also there was my Brother Jeff, wife Robin(a fellow quilter) there daughter Linda and grandson Christian, my brother and his wife are amazing they do foster care for kids and they are just amazing!!
My Uncle Dick and Aunt Joan, great people when i was younger spent the better part of a summer with them in Canada.
My brother Richard, and Fiancee Nicole, there children, Joshua, Kalynn, and Dakota!!
And Richard's future DIL Carrie, and her little one Leigh, .
My mom and Greyden(her Husband) could not make it beacuse it is too far to drive.
Alison a long time friend sent a card and a lovely gift,
Paula just had her new Grandson, born this week!!!
Another friend named Paula could not make it. And Darlene, Rick, and Lydia, where not here because they where sick,
And Rhi's mom Gina was also there (she helped get me there.)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hi again

This is a walmart quilt.
this is a mystery from QTmysteries a yahoo group
Q this is 1 of 5 happy block tops i have made in the last month.

this is from Pat sloan, she called it a orange challenge,

this is the top so far,

This is another walmart top.
i keep hitting enter before I am done, oh well. it is suppose to rain, tonight, freezing rain and whatever so we will see. mavie